2018 Events

Plant Sale - Saturday 25 May 2019 The Market Cross

Although 25 May seems a long way off, now is the time to think about the plant sale. You probably don't need reminding that this is the main fundraising function for the club. Plants that sell well are: all forms of bedding plants (eg marigold, begonias, petunias, antirrhinum, impatiens), fuchsias, dahlias, chrysanthemum; vegetables, eg brassicas, leeks, runner beans that are ready to transplant, and tomatoes suitable for growing outdoors. Remember: if you can grow it we can sell it!

Annual Open Show- Saturday 27 July Charlton Village Hall

Members will now have full details of our Summer Show – a full schedule is available to be downloaded here and hard copies are also available. We have a date Saturday 27 July and I hope you will make it a ‘date’. There are very few changes to the classes, mostly to clear up any small confusion. We have changed ‘Class 5: Six cherry tomatoes’ to now become ‘Cherry type tomatoes’. Members will have noted that there have been a large number of new varieties of ‘small’ tomatoes, which come in various shapes, some are long and thin others heart- or pear-shaped. Our intention is to encourage as many entries as possible and we know some of you are drawn try these new varieties. In the same way we have divided ‘Class 8: One cucumber’ into those fruits grown outdoors and those grown under protection.

Getting the terms right is a problem – a few years ago we might have used the word greenhouse-grown, but what is a greenhouse? Is it a poly tunnel? Would growing a cucumber in a frame be outdoor? I was asked ‘What is a Strig?’ (Class 25: ‘Strig’ of Blackcurrants). It is a term relating to currants – a strig indicates a bunch, a complete raceme or panicle of berries, for showing best detached from the plant with scissors without including any of the woody section at the base. Also useful in Scrabble!

Do you remember the terrible winds when we held our Show last year? We thought the hall door was going to be torn off! Gardening is for optimists. It’s going to be a lovely July day and we will all be sitting out on the field drinking tea . Derek