2017 Events

Annual Open Show- Saturday 29 July 2017

Like the circus – all bustle and haste – then it’s all over for another year. With the difficult weather we really were not sure if we would have much of a show, but thankfully on the day we had a fine display of the skill of our green-fingered members. 23 people put in a total of 131 entries. I really want to thank each and every one who made the effort to bring something from their garden and take part in our show – it must have been very difficult getting exhibits ready in the wet conditions. I'm sure you will all appreciate the work that your committee and friends put into our annual show. I especially want to thank the judges, Mrs Bayliss and Mr Matthews. Both had to go on to judge at other shows and we are grateful that they give their time to help us. Visitors to the show see twenty tables set out, covered in crisp white paper – they are not to know that half of these tables are dirty old doors which we have had to store and haul to the hall and then back into storage for another year – thanks to good friends in the club. Mr Ron Bartholomew gives us a new design for our prize cards each year: a full set has to be printed for every class in the show in anticipation that we will get exhibits in each class – we plan for and hope that every class will have several exhibits. The work has to be done, and although we were pleased when we saw all the exhibits on display, we would have liked a few more. But the visitors saw all the space filled up; the stewards had set out the exhibits so that they filled all the available space. Finally my thanks to the ladies who kept the tea flowing and the ladies who sold a full book of raffle tickets!