2019 Events

Plant Sale - Saturday 25 May 2019 The Market Cross

The Club had a very successful Plant Sale on Saturday 25 May. After being told the Market Cross was due to be repaired, we made preparations for a quick move to the Bird Cage Walk but in the end this was not needed. It was a beautiful sunny morning and we had the Market Cross set up by 6.30am and, soon after, the members were turning up with their produce and putting on a good variety of plants for the sale. The supply of plants was up on previous years and by 8.30-9.00am the sale was in full swing and trade was very good. There was a big demand for runner beans and other vegetables. Also flowers such as chrysanthemums, lilies and bedding plants sold well. The raffle raised over £60. The takings on the day came to over £650, so to everyone who helped in any way “WELL DONE”! Thanks once again, Graham, Plant Sale Organiser

Annual Open Show- Saturday 27 July Charlton Village Hall

Members will now have full details of our Summer Show – a full schedule is available to be downloaded here and hard copies are also available. We have a date Saturday 27 July and I hope you will make it a ‘date’. Note the following dates:

Friday 26 July: Last day for entries Please leave your entry forms at the Club Post Box in E & S Shop or in the big green box at the Garden Centre, but remember to leave them in plenty of time – they will be collected at 3.00pm. Alternatively you can bring your entry form to the Riverside Centre between 6.30 and 8.15pm where we will be busy recording all the entries and writing up the benching cards – if anyone would like to help please give me a call.

Saturday 27 July: Show Day! We will be ready at the Village Hall in Charlton to receive your exhibits between 9.30 and 11.00am. The way plants have been growing I hope we will have lots of entries this year. Please try to bring something extra this year.

I do hope that you will all support our Show this year. There are lots of Classes and I’m sure you will be able to find something to bring along – in any case, let’s hope for a sunny day so we can sit outside and enjoy tea and cakes with our friends. Derek